Support your people to lead like Olympic medal winning coaches by Dean Leak

Do you truly know how ‘high performing’ your team(s) are right now? Are they leading their teams in a way which creates a truly fantastic culture and contributes towards the mission of your project or organisation? Most importantly, are they mainly instructing or coaching as a leadership style?

Join us on a two-day experiential ‘coaching skills for leaders’ residential to start adding value immediately to your team and organisation.

You’ll often, and rightly so, see headlines celebrating the success of individuals winning Olympic gold or a team winning the league trophy. Less often, you’ll hear about the story of the team or multiple teams that worked together to bring about the end mission. Rarely, you’ll hear about the leadership or coaching impact or style which often lays at the heart of athletic success.

Fortunate to have contributed to and witnessed successes and failures in elite sport, I have observed the winning methods for team success. There is one factor often separating those who succeed and those who don’t. That is high performance coaching. Whether you’re a CEO, manager, project lead, or call centre supervisor we can all benefit from adding strong coaching tools to our skill set.

Moving from a leadership culture of mainly instructing to a culture of ‘coaching’ will have a profound impact on your team and organisation. Whether it is your SLT team, a department or selected individuals within your organisation, this highly practical course aims to leave attendees with a fresh coaching toolbox to bring back to the organisation. Attendees will learn from the principles of how high-performance sport have developed great coaches and leaders all within the context of developing culture and high performing teams. Whilst the course will be grounded in the latest coaching and behavioural theory, attendees will spend hours practicing new skills under expert supervision and leave the course with clarity on areas of development to work on further.

After the course there is a 3 month aftercare programme which involves email support, peer coaching and a monthly video call. Those who wish to can go on to do further supervised practice an earn a “Recognised Leader as Coach” qualification from the Association for Coaching.



If you’re interested to find out more, please contact for further information.