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Transforming potential into results

CDP transforms your business performance by working at the deepest level to unlock the potential of your people.

CDP is home to twenty five leadership experts – psychologists, ex-HRDs, culture experts and world-class facilitators – which means we can build a bespoke team relevant to your needs. We are independent, agile and are all senior leaders in our respective fields – we do not pass your work to less experienced junior consultants. Collectively we have spent decades helping some of the largest and most successful organisations in the world improve their performance by assessing and developing their people. We have pulled all that knowledge and experience together to offer a new, integrated, deeper approach to leadership consultancy and talent development.

CDP’s purpose is to transform your business performance by working at the deepest level to unlock the potential of your people Our consultants are passionate about helping people find and unlock their untapped layers of potential. We start by rigorously auditing your talent, leaders, teams and organisation and then, by working at a deep psychological level – tackling root causes, blind spots and derailers – we bring about profound and lasting changes in performance.

We offer:

  • In-depth individual leadership audits for selection, promotion and development
  • High performance executive, return to work, personal impact and transitions coaching
  • Team effectiveness interventions (including board effectiveness)
  • Organisation development and cultural change support
  • High level leadership and talent consultancy at CEO and HRD level

Whilst many consultancies work at a surface level we work on a deeper level in three ways:

  1. We anchor all our work in your commercial context, never losing sight of your key objectives and working out what high performance, unlocked potential and good leadership look like in your business.
  2. We base all our work on our proprietary DEEP model of potential. A robust, evidence-based model that identifies the 12 qualities across 4 domains that are indicators of likely future success:
  • Decision Making
  • Execution
  • Emotions & Motivations
  • People Skills

Grounded in research the DEEP model flexes according to the specific role and culture of the organisations we are working with in a way that is straightforward and intuitive.

  1. Finally, through our reliable and robust half-day Executive Development Audits (EDAs) we explore the whole person, including their values and past experiences in order to find insights and ideas that help them better understand how they think, feel and act. We then support them to become the best leader they have it in themselves to be.


Why we are different

Our offer to you

Our focus is on improving performance and therefore delivering significant ROI to our clients. Put bluntly, if our work does not contribute to improving your bottom line we consider ourselves to have failed. That is why, unique in our industry, we offer a fee structure where 25% of our fee is retained and only paid when our clients are satisfied that our work has been of real value.  After all, why should we make money if you don’t?

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