The DELTA Goals 360 Feedback Survey is a simple, quick, online way to check in with key stakeholders to get their feedback on how an executive is progressing towards the development goals identified as part of the Executive Development Audit (EDA) or Executive Coaching process. We recommend choosing around 10 people (direct reports, peers and senior stakeholders).

The exact frequency and interval can be tailored but the survey is typically sent every two months for the first six months and then every three months for another six months – so 5 times in total over the course of a year. It only takes people five minutes to complete. The responses are anonymised. The results will show the progress the executive is making and the reports provide useful and timely data for line manager / HR discussions.

The survey asks for progress on the goals set out in the Executive’s DAP (Development Action Plan). The survey is in the following format:

[Sample Subject] wants to move FROM a leader who X TO a leader who Y.

Chosen respondents are asked about each goal. They rate where the Executive is on a scale of 1 – 10 and are also invited to add short comments on each goal. (Where 1 = “I see very little sign of this change” and 10 = “This goal seems fully realised”)

Our experience is that the DELTA tool offers an easy, effective way of keeping focus on developmental goals and deepens and extends the impact of any development intervention or coaching. It also allows the capture and analysis of data for ROI purposes.

DELTA360 is a proprietary measure of CDP Leadership Consultants and is delivered through our own bespoke online portal, which can be white labelled for your organisation.