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A fresh and innovative psychometric to identify and develop hi-pos in your business.

CDP are seeking partners for the FREE beta phase of our DEEPQ Potential Profiler.

The Beta version of CDP’s DEEPQ Potential Profiler is now available. It is a quick, scalable, affordable way to identify potential (i.e. the likelihood of future success) throughout an organisation. This potential can then be developed as DEEPQ is accompanied by our learning content which provides bite sized videos and a workbook for each of the model’s 12 factors. DEEPQ also gives a read out of participants’ sense of well-being as we believe this is a key foundation of maximising potential.

The DEEP Potential Model was launched in 2016 after five years of academic research and consulting experience assessing and developing potential in large and small organisations. It has been used successfully with ten FTSE100 companies or their equivalents over the last three years, and has been proven to have high face validity, helping appoint, promote and develop over 200 executives and managers. More details can be found at model and in the CDP thought paper The Sky’s the Limit: Best practice in Assessing and Developing Potential which you can also download from the above link.

How to gain access to the Beta version – and why you should!

We would love to hear from leaders who would like to use the DEEPQ Beta within their organisation for a small (or large) cohort of people, providing them with no-cost assessment and development. We’re equally happy if it’s just you that takes the measure! Everyone completing the Beta will receive a personalised report detailing their Potential Profile (once the Beta data has been analysed).

If you want to take the measure personally just go to
If you want to talk about using it for a cohort of your people contact or call us on 020 3900 4010