The CDP “DEEP” model is based on extensive research into the psychology of success and the study of over 100 books and academic papers covering 40 different models of Potential, along with over 10 years of applied work in this area. It identifies the crucial 4 domains (each made up of 3 intrinsic factors) that are indicators of future success or Potential.

These 12 factors are the qualities of a person’s psyche which are related to their likelihood of professional success across a range of roles and fields. They are formed through an interaction between their genetic disposition and their early experiences. You can see them beginning to emerge as soon as early childhood. The extent to which they are manifested and developed in each of us depends on what happens to us as we move through life.

CDP believes it is possible to develop each of these attributes and, through our Executive Development Audits (EDAs), we identify where people are stronger and weaker across the 12 Factors – and crucially why and what they can do about it. Our “DEEP Personal Development Guide” provides the resources to help them change, and our development work and executive coaching support them on their journey.

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You can find out more by reading our thought paper: “The Sky’s the Limit? Best Practice for Assessing and Developing Potential” which is available here.