CDP’s DEEP Potential Model is supported by the three elements of our:

Deep Development Suite

A psychometric and 360 based on our DEEP model of potential (Decision-making, Execution, Emotions and Motivation and People Skills). For more details visit: A detailed comparison of the DEEP model to 15 others is available in the CDP thought paper: The Sky’s the Limit: Best Practice in Assessing and Developing Potential which you can download here

A learning app. (which you can transfer to your own LMS) with bite-size videos and workbook based modules covering each of DEEP’s 12 sub-elements: Astute, Innovative, Strategic; Accountable, Focussed, Agile; Ambitious, Well-adjusted, Resilient; Self-aware, Empathic, Inspiring. So, once people are assessed they are instantly plugged into tailored, accessible, content.

Delta360 Our goals feedback app, which tracks a participant’s progress (as measured by their key stakeholders) on their development goals every 10 weeks for a year. This extends the impact of any developmental intervention; keeps people’s goals at the centre of their – and their stakeholder’s – minds; and allows organisations to measure progress and have a sense of their ROI. (We now include Delta360 as standard with all our assessments and coaching).