Susie Orbach

Susie is one of Britain’s best known psychotherapists and authors.  She consults to senior management in the NHS, has been a consultant at the World Bank and is the author of 12 books.  She co-founded the Women’s Therapy Centre in London and New York and is a trustee of the Freud Museum and convenor of  Her highly acclaimed series “In Therapy” broadcast on Radio 4 during 2016 was heard by 2 million people.  She was visiting Professor at the LSE for ten years.

“Each organisation is like a family: functional or troubled in idiosyncratic ways.  Providing executive services means listening to what the principal people are saying and then developing a bespoke plan with leadership to manage tricky transitions and to institute wanted change.  There is no-one-size-fits-all in either consulting or in coaching.  How problems are described and how solutions are addressed are specific and personal to each individual or organisation.  Leadership depends on clarity, vision, and a capable team with good working relationships in which others can thrive.  Things go wrong when people are reluctant to speak out about perceived difficulties, or they deliver suggestions poorly or ambiguously.  Enabling an organisation to understand its strengths and its blind spots and for leaders to know their personal Achilles heel enhances working relationships, fosters a sense of belonging which then brings a productivity and creativity bonus.”

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