Kirsty Minford


Kirsty Minford

Kirsty is a organisational development consultant, experienced in enhancing talent, leadership, teams and culture. Before becoming a consultant, she held senior HR positions in Diageo Plc covering both talent development and strategic roles. During her tenure at Diageo, she was also an internal expert on change and transformation. Kirsty’s cross cultural credentials come from having delivered programmes across 20 countries and having lived in Singapore, Australia, the UK and France.

Kirsty holds an MA in Strategic Human Resources, an MSc. in Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy and is trained across a range of psychometric and assessment tools. This mix of hands-on business experience and psychological training means Kirsty’s outlook is grounded, commercial and insight-driven.

She is persistently curious about people and believes that all personal development has its basis in deepening self awareness. Kirsty is known for her energy, collaborative spirit and her sense of humour.

“I believe in the principle of co-creation – that our personalities interact with the people and cultures around us to create something unique. Understand that interaction and you can succeed anywhere”

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