Joanna Floyd

Joanna is a business psychologist with 17 years of hands-on experience working for major investment banks and private equity firms. In her early career, she worked in mergers and acquisitions before transitioning to a focus on recruitment, retention and people development across a variety of financial business areas.  She has a passion for helping people (ranging from school leavers to experienced hires) understand themselves more deeply, and facilitating them positioning themselves in roles that suit their key skills and attributes.  Her current research interests are focused on understanding the loss of identity suffered by women as a result of taking career breaks and the practical implications of helping them return to work. She holds an MSc in Business Psychology, and is an active contributor to the Association of Business Psychologists.

“I have a deep understanding of what makes people successful in businesses and want to help both individuals and businesses recognise where these skills and opportunities align.  There is nothing more rewarding than helping individuals understand and become self aware about their true self and empowering them to take decisions around their development accordingly. The benefits for businesses are obvious: engaged employees with the right skills for their role, alongside clear, well supported development plans for their future.”

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