James Robinson

James Robinson trained as a journalist and worked in newspapers for 20 years, including a decade as media editor at the Observer and the Guardian, where he played a key role in the paper’s award-winning coverage of the phone-hacking scandal. He worked as Director of Communications for Tom Watson, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, for three years until March 2018. Before that he advised corporate clients at leading financial communications firm Powerscourt. James helps clients tell their corporate story clearly and effectively in company announcements, speeches, internal comms and across new media.

“Every company has a story to tell and it can always be told simply in language that everyone can understand. Finding the right words isn’t always easy but its essential if customers, staff and shareholders are to understand what you’re trying to achieve.  As a journalist, I found it hard to watch good companies who fought hard to succeed in the marketplace struggle to convey their values and message in a clear and consistent way. Every announcement and public statement is a chance to engage with customers. I work closely with clients to make sure they make the most of those opportunities”.

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