Gerard de la Garde

Over the past 20 years, Gerard has developed expertise in the assessment, development and coaching of executives.  He has worked across most sectors of business with the top management of multinational corporations: with individuals, with teams and at board level.  His group work covers a range from leadership workshops and learning events to facilitating the exploration of team dynamics, conflict management, and strategy development.  This experience has extended across many countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.  Gerard is a native English speaker but also speaks fluent French and Spanish.

“I enjoy partnering with clients in a journey in which we share responsibility for a process of transformation with the client retaining full responsibility for the outcome.  My coaching is about asking the right questions at the right time, in the context of a trusting, challenging relationship.  I am empathic in that I always try to understand the feelings and viewpoints of clients.  However, respecting people means being honest with them even, if sometimes that means challenging their certainties and giving uncomfortable feedback.  I have learnt to do the latter with sensitivity, gauging the delivery to the individual, balancing the level of challenge with the need to ensure that it is not counter-productive.  As far as possible, I apply the same principles in individual assessments and leadership consultancy although, in these, I contribute more of my own experience, expertise and judgement.”

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