Elloa Barbour

Elloa is a facilitator, coach and consultant with a decade’s experience in various business settings including corporate, start-up and self-employment. She utilises her extensive coaching, therapeutic facilitation and teaching experience when working with individuals and groups, blending various psychological, systemic and psychodynamic theories and approaches to support individuals and teams to perform at their peak and create both impact and transformation. She is a dynamic and challenging facilitator who coaches with directness and compassion, creating a space where integrity, reflection and personal accountability are prioritised. Elloa continues to deepen her qualifications and 2019 is undertaking additional Masters level research in consulting and leading in organisations.

“High-performing individuals and teams, like the organisations they support, rarely if ever just happen.  They are the outcome of consistent and rigorous self-reflection, courageous communication and principled, responsible leadership.  When someone underperforms, it is tempting to look for a scapegoat — someone or something to blame for what went wrong.  Working systemically, we shift the lens and instead focus on identifying the hidden and unspoken forces that may have had a detrimental effect on the team and the individuals within it.  From this vantage point, everyone in the team has the opportunity to work and lead with integrity, accountability and fulfilling their potential.”

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