Derek Draper

Derek has worked as a leadership consultant, business psychologist and executive coach for over twelve years.  The last five of these were at YSC where he was head of business development for the UK and Europe. He has assessed and developed senior businesspeople in around twenty FTSE 100 and many Fortune 500 companies and in some of the largest privately-held companies in the world.  As well as working in the UK he has worked with businesses in the Nordics, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Africa.  Although he coaches high-potentials at all levels, his speciality is working with senior executives – business unit leaders, C-suite functional leaders and CEOs.  He also helps private equity firms develop their partners and choose the right CEOs for their businesses.  As well as working with individuals he runs team development days and consults on an organisation’s leadership strategy, values and culture.

“I enjoy general consulting, coaching and running team days but my passion is for in-depth, developmentally-orientated assessment.  Helping someone figure out how they can be better – and happier – at work is fascinating and fulfilling.  A lot of what I believe is baked into the CDP approach but essentially I think that with increased self-awareness, attuned support and some hard work people, teams and whole organisations can change in radical ways and achieve great things.  It’s an honour to help them do that.”

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