Anthony McGee

Anthony is a business psychologist and cognitive behavioural coach with 20 years’ experience as a senior executive in marketing. In his previous career he led marketing departments for a number of organisations across film and music at the sharp end of the digital revolution.  This enabled him him to hone his leadership skills and develop an in-depth understanding of the challenges leaders face in highly turbulent, fast-moving environments. By leading, managing and delivering change he has developed essential insights into the psychological impact of change both individually and collectively. As a psychologist at Mind Gym, a Director at JAM, (a specialist change consultancy) and his associate work, Anthony has created and delivered a range of development solutions for market leaders in multiple sectors.

“Organisations are fundamentally a large set of interconnected relationships. Each relationship comes with their own set of implicit understandings and explicit agreements. Yet all are prone to change.   The psychological processes experienced during any form of change do not discriminate between a CEO and a member of the front-line staff;  What differentiates is their response. So any form of development is built on three core components: knowing yourself, understanding others and building and maintaining effective relationships. My role is to enable clients to strengthen their capability in each area so that they can adapt and thrive in any situation, no matter how volatile.”

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