Abi Donald

Director of CDP Impact

Abi Donald is an experienced management coach, recently serving as Head of Coaching for the narrative agency Bladonmore. She has 25 years’ experience in broadcast journalism, reaching the top of her profession through Reuters TV, ITN and ITV News. She has been the programme editor of News at Ten and the deputy editor of ITV’s flagship breakfast programme. While working in broadcast she coached and trained presenters, correspondents and reporters to deliver compelling content with credibility and authority.

As a management coach Abi has helped senior executives enhance their executive presence and deliver their agenda with confidence and clarity, preparing them for media interviews, presentations or key pitches. Abi specialises in designing and delivering engaging and challenging training programmes. She is an accomplished storyteller with a natural ear for language allied to a common-sense approach to the performance skills of body language and voice control.

“There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a smart, interesting person fail to do themselves justice in public forums and there is nothing more rewarding than helping that person communicate effectively and be the best version of themselves. I’ve spent 30 years reporting people’s stories and helping executives tell their stories and that experience combined with intuition, empathy and passion forges long lasting relationships with my clients.”

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