CDP is home to thirty leadership experts – psychologists, ex-HRDs, culture experts and world-class facilitators – which means we can build a bespoke team relevant to your needs. We are independent, agile and are all senior leaders in our respective fields – we do not pass your work to less experienced junior consultants. Collectively we have spent decades helping some of the largest and most successful organisations in the world improve their performance by assessing and developing their people. We have now pulled all that knowledge and experience together to offer a new, integrated, deeper approach to leadership consultancy and talent development.


Derek Draper

Derek has worked as a leadership consultant, business psychologist and executive coach for over twelve years.  The last five of these were at YSC where he was head of business development for the UK and Europe. He has assessed and developed senior businesspeople in around twenty FTSE 100 and many Fortune 500 companies and in some of the largest privately-held companies in the world.  As well as working in the UK he has worked with businesses in the Nordics, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Africa.  Although he coaches high-potentials at all levels, his speciality is working with senior executives – business unit leaders, C-suite functional leaders and CEOs.  He also helps private equity firms develop their partners and choose the right CEOs for their businesses.  As well as working with individuals he runs team development days and consults on an organisation’s leadership strategy, values and culture.

“I enjoy general consulting, coaching and running team days but my passion is for in-depth, developmentally-orientated assessment.  Helping someone figure out how they can be better – and happier – at work is fascinating and fulfilling.  A lot of what I believe is baked into the CDP approach but essentially I think that with increased self-awareness, attuned support and some hard work people, teams and whole organisations can change in radical ways and achieve great things.  It’s an honour to help them do that.”

Sarah Jane Last

Sarah is a strategist, psychologist, executive coach and founder of The Work Psychologist (BSc Psychology, MSc Business Psychology, Board member ABP – Association for Business Psychologists).  Her current research interests are focused around the early identification of Intraprenurial talent.  She currently coaches private clients, millennial leaders, C-suite leaders internally at Channel 4 and tech entrepreneurs.  She also provides coaching for the next generation of senior leaders through the Marketing Academy.  Before becoming a qualified psychologist, she worked in many dynamic and challenging roles in the business world and owned multiple businesses.  In her early career, she was lucky enough to run world-famous nightclubs and organise events for Elton John and Sir Bob Geldof.

“I help organisations achieve their potential by tapping into their most precious asset – their people.  I apply an integrated approach from a range of perspectives including behavioural theory, psychology and coaching to explore specific questions and issues with clients.  It all begins with strong relationships: I take my time to listen and understand your needs, in order to build a deep and trusting relationship.  I relish the challenge of getting to know you and your business.  I love nothing more than supporting clients to go from good to great.  This passion is what gets me out of bed every morning and allows me to create meaningful experiences for myself and others.”

Paul Jeffrey

Originally a strategic planner, with over 25 years experience in the marketing and communications industries, (including time as an ex-Agency MD), Paul comes from the world of business.  He blends his considerable experience of working with individuals and teams in business with his work in the psycho-therapeutic field.  As a group facilitator with Clearmind International, Paul runs personal development workshops that help people work through their struggles to find a new way of seeing themselves and their place in the world around them.

“When it comes to work, I’ve been stuck in struggles many times over.  Whether they’ve been issues with colleagues, resentment over being passed over for promotions or in my latter years, making that tricky transition from practitioner to leader, I’ve been there.  And I can now also see how not to be there.  I get that our “stuckness” is acerbated by our own self-judgement, which then plays out in the way we perceive events and behave with others.  It’s my ambition to marry my learning in the therapeutic realm and the sometimes harsh reality of business to find a way to help you and your teams develop, grow and achieve.”

Juliet Rosenfield

Juliet spent 12 years working in advertising at Lintas, J Walter Thompson and St Luke’s where she became Marketing and New Business Director.  She then left advertising to work for the newly appointed Permanent Secretary of Government Communications in the Cabinet Office in 2004.   This gave her an insight into how large organisations and institutions work (or don’t) and during this time she began a Masters in Organisational Consultancy at the Tavistock which she followed by a four year clinical training as an adult psychotherapist.   She has written (in clinical papers and newspapers such as the Guardian) on bereavement and anxiety.  Juliet has a successful private practice in London and is an Honorary Couples Therapist at the Tavistock.  She also works as consultant to a group of divorce lawyers from City firms using clinical supervision techniques to aid their understanding of the relationship processes at play during their work with clients.  In addition, Juliet sits as an NED on the board of The People’s Operator PLC, a mobile phone company founded by her late husband Andrew Rosenfeld who founded Minerva PLC and from who she learnt most about the reality of what it takes to be successful and happy in the corporate world.

“My understanding of the ‘deep diving’ technique used in the consulting room has proved to be successful in aiding understanding and facilitating movement and choice, when people find themselves in difficult situations in their personal and business lives.”

Susie Orbach

Susie is one of Britain’s best known psychotherapists and authors.  She consults to senior management in the NHS, has been a consultant at the World Bank and is the author of 12 books.  She co-founded the Women’s Therapy Centre in London and New York and is a trustee of the Freud Museum and convenor of  Her highly acclaimed series “In Therapy” broadcast on Radio 4 during 2016 was heard by 2 million people.  She was visiting Professor at the LSE for ten years.

“Each organisation is like a family: functional or troubled in idiosyncratic ways.  Providing executive services means listening to what the principal people are saying and then developing a bespoke plan with leadership to manage tricky transitions and to institute wanted change.  There is no-one-size-fits-all in either consulting or in coaching.  How problems are described and how solutions are addressed are specific and personal to each individual or organisation.  Leadership depends on clarity, vision, and a capable team with good working relationships in which others can thrive.  Things go wrong when people are reluctant to speak out about perceived difficulties, or they deliver suggestions poorly or ambiguously.  Enabling an organisation to understand its strengths and its blind spots and for leaders to know their personal Achilles heel enhances working relationships, fosters a sense of belonging which then brings a productivity and creativity bonus.”

Hugo Pound

Hugo is a chartered business psychologist with nearly 30 years’ experience working with senior teams and individuals, challenging and supporting them to create and maintain long-term, sustainable businesses around explicit business and cultural imperatives.  He works with Boards and other senior leadership teams and with individual executives and is known for his open, challenging, business-focused consulting style.  His views on transformational leadership have been widely reported in The Financial Times, The Guardian, Best Execution, The Psychologist and numerous books on leadership.  He is an Associate Fellow of The British Psychological Society and a Foundation Member of the Association for Business Psychology.  He was the Winner of the ABP Award for Excellence in Coaching & Training 2014.

“My principal client is the organisation.  I am most concerned about and focused on the success of the whole organisational system; my work with senior executives and, more commonly, senior teams, is to help them to understand the impact on their behaviour on both the business and cultural imperatives they hold responsibility for.  Business Psychology is not a “nice to have”, it is the discipline best placed to highlight and encourage the executive behaviours that lead to business success”.


Joanna Floyd

Joanna is a business psychologist with 17 years of hands-on experience working for major investment banks and private equity firms. In her early career, she worked in mergers and acquisitions before transitioning to a focus on recruitment, retention and people development across a variety of financial business areas.  She has a passion for helping people (ranging from school leavers to experienced hires) understand themselves more deeply, and facilitating them positioning themselves in roles that suit their key skills and attributes.  Her current research interests are focused on understanding the loss of identity suffered by women as a result of taking career breaks and the practical implications of helping them return to work. She holds an MSc in Business Psychology, and is an active contributor to the Association of Business Psychologists.

“I have a deep understanding of what makes people successful in businesses and want to help both individuals and businesses recognise where these skills and opportunities align.  There is nothing more rewarding than helping individuals understand and become self aware about their true self and empowering them to take decisions around their development accordingly. The benefits for businesses are obvious: engaged employees with the right skills for their role, alongside clear, well supported development plans for their future.”

Gerard de la Garde

Over the past 20 years, Gerard has developed expertise in the assessment, development and coaching of executives.  He has worked across most sectors of business with the top management of multinational corporations: with individuals, with teams and at board level.  His group work covers a range from leadership workshops and learning events to facilitating the exploration of team dynamics, conflict management, and strategy development.  This experience has extended across many countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.  Gerard is a native English speaker but also speaks fluent French and Spanish.

“I enjoy partnering with clients in a journey in which we share responsibility for a process of transformation with the client retaining full responsibility for the outcome.  My coaching is about asking the right questions at the right time, in the context of a trusting, challenging relationship.  I am empathic in that I always try to understand the feelings and viewpoints of clients.  However, respecting people means being honest with them even, if sometimes that means challenging their certainties and giving uncomfortable feedback.  I have learnt to do the latter with sensitivity, gauging the delivery to the individual, balancing the level of challenge with the need to ensure that it is not counter-productive.  As far as possible, I apply the same principles in individual assessments and leadership consultancy although, in these, I contribute more of my own experience, expertise and judgement.”

Brett Putter

Brett is a thought leader operating at the leading edge of business culture. He is the founder & CEO of CultureGene a company culture consultancy helping high-growth technology companies prepare for scale. Prior to founding CultureGene Brett spent 16 years as the Managing Partner of a leading executive search firm where he successfully completed CxO, VP and Director level searches for hundreds of start-up and high-growth companies in the UK, US and across EMEA. Brett interviews founders and CEOs of successful high-growth companies to better understand how they defined, developed and implemented their company culture. He publishes his interviews on the CultureGene blog and speaks and runs workshops on the subject of developing an effective company culture. Brett is an investor in Seedcamp funds I, II & III and an investor in, and adviser to, a number of high growth start-ups.

“My purpose is to make a positive impact on our planet by helping leaders develop better managed high-growth businesses through the Culture First movement”


Andy Cross

Andy is an experienced HR Leader, Team Facilitator and Consultant with a track record of working with leaders to achieve the transformational change necessary to deliver growth, high employee engagement and improved customer experience.  A successful leader of large, international and matrix teams across a wide range of sectors including telecommunications, transport and financial services, Andy has worked for world class organisations such as Virgin Atlantic and BT.  Andy has demonstrated his ability to secure Board-level backing, lead complex change and deliver sustainable results in a range of executive roles.  With a Masters in Organisation Development, Andy is also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

‘I am passionate about helping people grow their business.  The ability to execute a business strategy invariably needs a fresh perspective on organisation, processes and people to ensure focus, alignment and energy.  My role is to help leaders create the deep insight, ideas and new perspectives to achieve the transformational thinking necessary to grow and make the change happen.’

John Owen

John is a behavioural management consultant who focuses on harnessing the power of workplace culture.  He effects cultural change by engaging employees, guiding them with the leadership’s vision but also enabling them to drive the process themselves.  In this way, they take responsibility for building and protecting their own culture.  John bases his approach on insights from behavioural science, in which he has an MSc from the London School of Economics, as well as on 25 years of experience as a business leader and marketing strategist.  John spent 12 years as senior partner at Dare, which was named Digital Agency of the Decade by leading trade title, Campaign, in 2010.

“I have no doubt that our culture was central to Dare’s success.  It motivated extraordinary effort from all of us and gave us a thrilling sense of collective purpose.  But at the time I could not have told you how or why it happened like that.  My study of behavioural science helped me to identify where we went right – and also where we went wrong when we tried to expand and pursue a strategy that was not in sync with our culture.  I’ve learnt at least as much from our mistakes as from our successes and I now take great pleasure in using these lessons to improve the fortunes of other businesses – and the working lives of the people who work in them.”

Elloa Atkinson

Elloa is a skilful coach and therapist with eight years’ experience in various business settings including corporate, start-up and self-employment, and with extensive coaching, therapeutic facilitation and teaching under her belt.  Working with a blend of systemic and psychodynamic approaches, her coaching style addresses both strategic considerations and the intra- and interpersonal dynamics that can make or break a team’s performance.  She coaches with directness and compassion, inviting integrity and accountability into every coaching relationship.  Elloa continues to deepen her qualifications and in 2017 is undertaking additional study in consulting and leading in organisations.

“High-performing teams, like the organisations they support, rarely if ever just happen.  They are the outcome of consistent and rigorous self-reflection, courageous communication and principled, responsible leadership.  When someone underperforms, it is tempting to look for a scapegoat — someone or something to blame for what went wrong.  Working systemically, we shift the lens and instead focus on identifying the hidden and unspoken forces that may have had a detrimental effect on the team and the individuals within it.  From this vantage point, everyone in the team has the opportunity to work and lead with integrity, accountability and fulfilling their potential.”

Rowan Andrews

Rowan has been coaching and consulting in small and medium sized businesses for the past ten years, winning clients through direct referrals and personal recommendations.  Prior to this he ran his own public relations business and was a corporate communications consultant advising FTSE 100 companies and major brands.  His typical clients are established businesses of up to 200 people who want to grow faster.  He works with CEOs and their boards to design new strategies for growth while fostering alignment and unity that drives renewed commercial growth as well as personal vitality and energy.

“Entrepreneurial leaders of SMEs are instinctive.  They thrive on the energy that is palpable in a burgeoning business.  Making quick decisions, building new products and services and the teams to deliver them.  Growing fast.  But every business has its ups and downs and at certain points need to go through significant change.  After all, what got you here can’t get you there.  Knowing what to change and how is not something leaders of SME businesses are always equipped for.  Tinkering at the edges won’t achieve the change needed to unlock new growth and root and branch surgery could be fatal.  New skills are required for the leadership to find the right balance to navigate safely to the next level.  Working hand-in -hand and going deep with an outsider to confide in and who can read the energy of the business and help draw out the answers to strategic conundrums, is invaluable.”

Anthony McGee

Anthony is a business psychologist and cognitive behavioural coach with 20 years’ experience as a senior executive in marketing. In his previous career he led marketing departments for a number of organisations across film and music at the sharp end of the digital revolution.  This enabled him him to hone his leadership skills and develop an in-depth understanding of the challenges leaders face in highly turbulent, fast-moving environments. By leading, managing and delivering change he has developed essential insights into the psychological impact of change both individually and collectively. As a psychologist at Mind Gym, a Director at JAM, (a specialist change consultancy) and his associate work, Anthony has created and delivered a range of development solutions for market leaders in multiple sectors.

“Organisations are fundamentally a large set of interconnected relationships. Each relationship comes with their own set of implicit understandings and explicit agreements. Yet all are prone to change.   The psychological processes experienced during any form of change do not discriminate between a CEO and a member of the front-line staff;  What differentiates is their response. So any form of development is built on three core components: knowing yourself, understanding others and building and maintaining effective relationships. My role is to enable clients to strengthen their capability in each area so that they can adapt and thrive in any situation, no matter how volatile.”

Timothy Bilton

Tim is an expert in the field of Assessment, Development and Executive Coaching. With an MSc in Applied Psychology from Cranfield University (as well as being an accredited Executive Coach), he has lived and worked internationally for almost two decades as an HR Advisor and Consultant.  He believes understanding potential is key to the ongoing success of organisations. Being competitive and successful in today’s complex marketplace requires an agile approach to talent: from effectively identifying, developing and retaining talent to fostering a robust talent pipeline. His client base covers a range of industries and sectors, including British Airways, Bayer, DHL, Hang Seng Banking Corporation, Microsoft, Shangri-La Hotels, Unilever and Vodafone.

“I help individuals to get the best out of themselves by helping them to increase their self knowledge.  I also have a passion for working with teams to align behind a common goal, increase trust with each other and enable constructive challenge. In this group process I employ a variety of team coaching methods (quantitate and qualitative), and enjoy building deep relationships with the group over time.”

Dr Susan Kahn

Susan works as a coach, consultant, mediator and an observer of working life. She has a particular interest in the behavior of people at work and below the surface dynamics in organisations. As a mediator she is skilled in improving working relationships and developing common understanding between parties in toxic relationships. In addition to her private clients she works as a lecturer at Birkbeck, University of London, teaching coaching and organisational psychology. She is a faculty member at the School of Life, working with businesses to develop their emotional intelligence. She also works as a group relations consultant, including equine coaching. Her research interests embrace leadership, change and vulnerability at work. Her book, Death & the City, published by Karnac, uses psychoanalysis to explore organisational endings.

“Organisations and the behavior of individuals and groups at work fascinate me. I believe in observation and deep listening as tools to identify both the potential and the fragility of leaders and managers, no matter what their status. I work in a gentle yet challenging way to help individuals and organisations work more productively and more thoughtfully.”


Abi Donald

Director of CDP Impact

Abi Donald is an experienced management coach, recently serving as Head of Coaching for the narrative agency Bladonmore. She has 25 years’ experience in broadcast journalism, reaching the top of her profession through Reuters TV, ITN and ITV News. She has been the programme editor of News at Ten and the deputy editor of ITV’s flagship breakfast programme. While working in broadcast she coached and trained presenters, correspondents and reporters to deliver compelling content with credibility and authority.

As a management coach Abi has helped senior executives enhance their executive presence and deliver their agenda with confidence and clarity, preparing them for media interviews, presentations or key pitches. Abi specialises in designing and delivering engaging and challenging training programmes. She is an accomplished storyteller with a natural ear for language allied to a common-sense approach to the performance skills of body language and voice control.

“There is nothing more frustrating than seeing a smart, interesting person fail to do themselves justice in public forums and there is nothing more rewarding than helping that person communicate effectively and be the best version of themselves. I’ve spent 30 years reporting people’s stories and helping executives tell their stories and that experience combined with intuition, empathy and passion forges long lasting relationships with my clients.”


Orla Coughlan

Country Director – Ireland

Orla is an International Human Resource Executive operating at C- Suite level in Europe, US and Asia. Over the past 25 years she has teamed with business leaders in multi-cultural, global markets, focussing on acquiring and growing businesses, in both consumer and enterprise technology. Her previous roles include, EMEA HR Director at HP, Global Vice President HR at Activision Blizzard, and most recently Chief Human Resources Director at eir in Ireland. On leaving eir she joined CDP with responsibility for our Irish business, and is also a founder of The Riasc Partnership – which works with a range of Entrepreneurial Companies and Not for Profit organisations on business, organisation strategy. Orla is also a well known advocate for the role of Women in Business and is a member of the Steering Committee of 30% Club Ireland. A Psychology and Economics Graduate from UCC, Orla also has a Diploma in Executive Coaching from IMI.

‘Having worked in both high growth and start up companies, I have seen the significant financial and market impact of developing, and retaining great people. My passion, is enabling the success of businesses through the development of their people and creation of talent/succession plans which allow our clients identify and retain highly valued leaders. My work at CDP enables me to share my experience with our clients to ensure they leverage all of their people and create an environment where everyone can be the best version of themselves’