Here are some examples of work carried out in the past by our consultants:

FTSE 50 financial / technology company: We helped them significantly exceed their KPIs by working with the regional MD to develop each member of her team, improve team dynamics and audit and develop key incoming talent. The MD concerned has now been promoted to head the company’s biggest region.

One of the world’s largest media companies: We helped increase client retention and account profitability by assessing the members of the strategy team and designing a team event to improve various team performance issues and tackle debilitating team dynamics.

Subsidiary of FTSE 10 FMCG company: We played a key part in increasing revenue in nearly all business units and overall profitability, having coached the CEO and then assessed each team member individually before running a two-day team effectiveness and strategy event at Gleneagles.

European facility management company: We helped a new CEO significantly exceed her targets by assessing her UK leadership team and working with her to address various longstanding performance and development issues.

Privately-held global pharmaceutical company: We helped this company increase its share price by 60% in the year following our work which involved auditing possible internal CEO candidates and working with the Chairman and Board to ensure that a more transformational external candidate was appointed and onboarded successfully.

Major European Telecoms company: We contributed to a readying for an IPO by assessing a possible internal CEO successor, undertaking stakeholder feedback from across the company, including from the Chair and current CEO, over a one-year period. We made clear development recommendations and are currently expanding the work to include other crucial C-suite executives as the IPO approaches.

HRD selection: We worked with one of the biggest companies in Russia to find a HRD for one of their global divisions (based in the UK and Singapore). Success followed multiple trips to Moscow and the assessment of half a dozen candidates.

Private Equity: We assisted a leading Private Equity company to realise better returns on its key fund by carrying out various assignments across their business: Working with the Managing Partner to assess all people being considered for partnership (both internal promotion and outside hires) including detailed development planning and coaching. This led to the successful opening of the firm’s first global office outside the UK, assessing candidates to become Chair and/or CEO of various portfolio companies, including auditing and developing a candidate to be the new CEO of a portfolio company who has presided over considerable growth in revenue and profits enabling a forthcoming sale at a large return and spending a day in a possible investment opportunity, assessing culture, taking stakeholder feedback at all levels and carrying out in-depth assessment of the successor CEO.  Partly due to this work the investment was not proceeded with.

Medium-sized privately-held IT company: We worked with the founder to audit the company culture and then define a set of values and behaviours to facilitate growth following an acquisition. Then assessed the key individuals including several possible CEO candidates.

One of the big four retail banks: We undertook a project which looked at their values, culture and increasing employee engagement and made recommendation – at C-suite level – for what should change and how this could be done.

Gobal advertising agency: We assessed the leaders of a possible acquisition in the Nordics to determine strengths and development areas and fit with the acquiring companies’ culture. This was a successful acquisition driving double-digit growth.