Create Space

How to manage time and find focus, productivity and success

by Derek Draper

My new book is being published by Profile Books this summer. It looks at the key areas where leaders have to create space to really succeed. It is based on twelve stories drawn from the work I have done in the last ten years as a global leadership consultant, first at YSC and now at CDP:

I am now working on the follow up book which will be based on interviews with leaders from all walks of life, learning how they have created the space to excel. Among others I am interviewing the captain of a Premier league football team, the head of a global charity, a former Prime Minister and the CEOs of some big FTSE100 companies.



It’s a chance to pass on some of the experience and wisdom you have gained to a wider audience. The interviews are no pressure, relaxed and simply an opportunity for you to talk about any aspects of the twelve areas that you feel you may have some thoughts about. For example, one interviewee may talk about how they find the space to reflect, another deliver, another relate. There are no “big” or complicated questions. You can read more about the book here:

Ideally the interviews will be done face to face but can be done over Skype or the telephone. They usually last about 45 minutes. I am happy to submit any quotes I intend to use for approval before publication.

A portion of the royalties from the book will be donated to the Prince’s Trust to help their work with young, disadvantaged business leaders.

My contact details are 020 3900 4010 x 110 or 07855 773191

Derek Draper has worked as a leadership consultant, business psychologist and executive coach for over twelve years.  He is the CEO of CDP Leadership Consulting. Prior to founding CDP, he worked for five years at global consultants YSC where he was head of business development for the UK and Europe. He has assessed and developed senior businesspeople in twenty FTSE 100 and many Fortune 500 companies and in some of the largest privately-held companies in the world. As well as working in the UK he has worked with businesses in the Nordics, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Africa. Although he coaches high potentials at all levels, his speciality is working with senior executives – business unit leaders, C-suite functional leaders and CEOs. He also helps private equity firms develop their partners and choose the right CEOs for their businesses. As well as working with individual leaders he runs team development days and consults on organisational leadership strategy, values and culture.