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CDP’s purpose is to transform your business performance by working at the deepest level to unlock the potential of your people.

Our consultants are passionate about helping people find and unlock their untapped layers of potential. We start by rigorously auditing your talent, leaders, teams and organisation and then, by working at a deep psychological level – tackling root causes, blind spots and derailers – we bring about profound and lasting changes in performance.

Update on 29th April 2020

You may already be aware that Derek is very unwell at the moment with Covid-19 and he’s currently in hospital. If your query is related to current CDP projects or new business please contact elloabarbour@cdp.consulting. If your query relates to the DEEPQ psychometric tool please contact ben@sten10.com. For personal messages for Derek or messages wishing Derek and the family well please forward to louisa@clubgarraway.com and she will forward to Derek’s wife Kate.

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