CDP is a new leadership consultancy that brings together twenty world class experts spanning the disciplines of psychology, behaviourism, human resources and business. Collectively we have spent decades helping some of the largest and most successful organisations in the world improve their performance by assessing and developing their people. We have now pulled all that knowledge and experience together to offer a new, integrated, deeper approach to leadership consultancy and talent development.

We combine two things: a deep understanding of an individual or team’s underlying psychology and a deep understanding of the commercial context in which they operate. When insights around both are brought together they lead to profound improvements in business performance.  We believe that only by working at a deep level, going below the surface and beyond the superficial, can you bring about substantive – and sustainable – changes in performance, whether at the individual, team or organisational level.

That is why our proposition – and our passion – is “working deep”.

 Why we are different


What we believe about people and change

We believe that breakthroughs in performance can only come from deep work, addressing someone’s underlying “professional psyche”. Otherwise interventions are superficial and unsustainable. This involves helping people:

  • Deepen their self-awareness and develop a rich, sophisticated understanding of themselves: their preferences. behaviours and motivations. They need to know what strengths they can leverage and what blind spots and blocks they will encounter as they try to develop.
  • They then need to develop those qualities that your business deems necessary for its future success. We help people do this by using psychological and behavioural insights to enable them to make fundamental – and lasting – shifts in how they approach their work and their colleagues.

That is what we mean by “working deep”.


Our DEEP Model of potential

Our proprietary DEEP Model of Potential TM underpins much of our work. Potential is indicated by how much of these 12 attributes are present. These convert to Performance through 3 Conversion Factors: Experience, Choices and Fit. For more information visit our website, where you can also request our in-depth Research Paper “Best Practice in Assessing Potential”.

Our offer to you

Our focus is on improving performance and therefore delivering significant ROI to our clients. Put bluntly, if our work does not contribute to improving your bottom line we consider ourselves to have failed. That is why, unique in our industry, we offer a fee structure where 25% of our fee is retained and only paid when our clients are satisfied that our work has been of real value.  After all, why should we make money if you don’t?

Contact our Managing Director derekdraper@cdp.consulting
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