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CDP’s purpose is to help you and your business be more successful by auditing and developing your leaders, teams and organisation


Our focus is on improving performance and therefore providing significant ROI to our clients. We believe that only by working at a deep level, going below the surface and the superficial, can you bring about substantive – and sustainable – changes in performance: whether at the individual, team or organisational level.


Below is our DRAFT four-page brochure


Last week we asked for feedback on our draft 50 page booklet and there was a consensus that we also needed a much shorter piece of communications so we have produced a four page brochure. Again, we are offering entry to a prize draw for a bottle of vintage champagne and a £100 charitable donation for anyone who gives us feedback – negative or positive, short or long! Last week’s prize was won by James Russell, Group Head of Communications at JLT Group, he chose to donate the £100 to the Child Bereavement Trust. Congratulations and thanks James!


Our full website will go live in May 2017.

For more information contact us on mail@cdp.consulting


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